Outside Sales, Estimating or PM

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Outside Sales, Estimating or PM

Post by CAFueling » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:31 pm

Outside Sales and Estimator seeking a new opportunity. Living in Southern California and can secure projects wherever your geographical service area is located. Familiar with all phases of fueling construction and can generate clear spreadsheets with daily breakdowns of parts, materials, labor and equipment with your markup at the end. Capable of getting to and negotiating a final contract price and deposit check. My Bid documents can be used to generate your construction schedule to stay on time. task and budget.

My compensation is based on your need. Can also PM projects if required. Flexible with my time and compensation. I am familiar with all components related to fueling construction, can read blue prints, bid documents and provide organized itemized proposals to your clients. As a PM, if needed, I can drive a project from conception to completion and have worked through all trades myself prior to concentrating on the sales and marketing side of the business. Experienced in Fueling projects for Government agencies, Major Oil Companies, Major retailers, School Districts, Municipalities and Independent Businesses.

Can also provide Third Party Oversite and Owner / Contractor Liaison.

Open to other opportunities with your company but unavailable to relocate outside of Southern California. I can travel but not extended travel.

Please contact me through this posting or a ACYB@yahoo.com

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