Pressure Filling UST

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Pressure Filling UST

Post by sdisselhorst » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:13 am

I was recently at a startup of a site, and we got to discussing the topic of pressure filling UST's and I heard a few horror stories. One in particular about a driver making a delivery into a UST, using a pump on his truck, blowing the end of the tank out. Anybody else ever hear of tanks rupturing during a pressure fill of a UST? Gathering anecdotes...alternately, anyone feel like this is a safe practice even though it is illegal?

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Re: Pressure Filling UST

Post by ZMiller » Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:16 pm

Quite a few times actually and not to terribly unexpected. How about blowing an end out of a tank on a gravity feed or during a tank test? How much ullage and head pressure might one think there could be in a typical tank being delivered to? Some would be surprised.

Probably should be thinking about pressures AND vacuums on UL58 rated tanks as well. Damage typically go's unnoticed for quite a while after a damaging over or under pressure event happens. Why worry about something you normally can't see.

Have seen manifolded tanks feeding one or another where overfill feeds a full tank via the partnered stp and fuel pressure blows the manway gasket, filling the sump untill somebody points out fuel oozing out of a manway cover at grade.

Pressure being sounds like a good subject for a forum poll.
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