Commander + Ovation Questions

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Commander + Ovation Questions

Post by DesiDeepy » Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:06 pm

Let me start with saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to all as this is the first time I am here since last decade ;)

My friend is in process of buying a new station, which are running Commander + 2 Topazs with ovations pumps, and he is asked me couple of things

1) Site have MX 915 inside but outside no emv (Red board + SPMs + 5 inch screen no media) so what he has to do to upgrade? Went to "" but keep getting the message "Doesn't look like a valid email address" no matter how many different email address i used.

2) The site had no scanner, so we added the scanner. Is there is any way printer can print upc code if that product is not in system and we can add it later on. For example we have 20 Oz coke in system but not 20 Oz coke diet and when we scan diet coke, it should print out upc code on paper rather then just saying plu not found?

3) He want to delete old shift,daily, monthly, yearly files so that it be easier to keep track of the store and accounting. Is it possible?

4) Is there is way to shift starting point on receipts, so it be more visible. For example:
|-----REG Soda 20 OZ | <---(Topaz 1) That's how I would like it to print
|----REG Soda 20 OZ | <---(Topaz 2) That's how its printing now, which makes very difficult to read "R" as its eats the starting of its.
I hope all this make sense, it would been easier if I had receipts so show.

Thank you !!

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Re: Commander + Ovation Questions

Post by cantdrive55 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:58 pm

I can help with the pumps but a Verifone guy will need to help with the Commander...
The pumps need to be upgraded to Jade IX boards. Other people will tell you that the Red Ix will work, and it's true, until the first EMV upgrade. Then you're spending $$ later, again. There are upgrade kits avilable to go from Red to Jade which are priced pretty good. He will need to add a connect box at each pump and am inside connect in the store to run the EMV. You could also upgrade to IOTV which would cover the connect boxes and give you a 6 year warranty on the TV related equipment.

I think the price for IOTV is well worth the extra warranty you get. The small displays are not cheap and replacing just a few of them will cover the difference in price.

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Re: Commander + Ovation Questions

Post by BigRed » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:43 pm

2 - The printer will not print out a upc code for a product that is not in the system. I don't believe it can print one for any plu that is in the system either.

3 - The easiest way to delete all of the old shift, daily, monthly and yearly reports is to do a reload of the Commander. It's a good idea to do this anyway if it's a new dealer/owner.

4 - You cannot shift the starting points of transaction items on the receipt. The only receipt customization option would be for the header and footer. I'm a little confused as to why you can't read the item name properly, but you can try to add a space or two in the beginning of the item name when programming the plu in Config Client. That may make it easier to read on the receipt.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Commander + Ovation Questions

Post by JW2855 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:30 pm

For issue 2 about the printer being able to print UPC codes you can do the following:

1. Make sure you have a dedicated department setup for unknown items. Take note of the department number. Then go to Store Operations>Sales and program it under PLU Not Found Department. Now, when you scan an item and the PLU Not Found window pops up, key a price and press OK. Once the sale is complete, a small receipt should printout that shows the UPC, the amount the cashier sold it for, and a line at the bottom where the cashier can write a description of the item. These can then be slid under the drawer so you can retrieve them later and enter the items.

2. If you also would like every item in the store to print its UPC on the receipts, go to Store Operations>Sales and put a check mark on Print UPC on Receipt.

Hopefully this helps.

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Re: Commander + Ovation Questions

Post by ATLTech » Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:22 pm

1. Does the site have EMV readers at the dispenser? If not... Keep the red boards as they will work perfectly fine. Also the majority of the issues with them can be repaired by reloading the software. You just need the new readers and wireless communication devices.

2. As stated before continue to ring up the item that does not scan under the plu not found department by entering the price for the item. Once the transaction is complete it will print a slip with the UPC code. If I remember correctly it prints the UPC code and not the barcode.

3. Best option would be to have a tech reload the software. The other option would be to run a year close so all the new yearly reports would be for your data.

4. I think you are saying that both printers shift the data over differently? If so, open both printers and look to the right of the paper roll. There should be a plastic spacer. My guess is the printer on topaz2 is missing the spacer.

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