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Aviation Service Techs wanted in California and Texas

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:34 am
by TSDeutsch
Company information
Bassco Services was established in 1981, after being prompted by Texaco, to extend our knowledge of the aviation refueling industry to facilities in need of our services. Texaco Aviation needed assistance in the design and development of fuel farm facilities and the service needs of FBO facilities in the Southern Region of the United States. Bassco Services has grown to be recognized as a service provider for all of the major oil companies in the field of aviation fuel delivery, equipment maintenance and quality. We are proud to say that over the years our company has experienced growth by standing behind our established motto, "whatever it takes" to provide excellent service in the aviation industry.

At Allied Oil/Bassco, we look at our products from a service technician's point of view. Our philosophy is "Make our products user friendly and easy to maintain." As a service provider, we have the opportunity to operate and repair other manufacturers dispensing designs. Also, being in the field allows us to hear the feedback from all position levels from the fuelers up to the managers and owners. We take all of this information along with the experience of knowing which components are easy to maintain and which are not and use it to design all of our fuel dispensing systems.
Aviation Fuel Systems
Allied Oil/Bassco specializes in above ground and below ground aviation fuel storage systems from sealed engineered drawings and design, fabrication, field installation, to start up and training. The following are just a few examples of the types of systems we manufacture:
Commercial Aviation Hydrant Carts
Pump Skids
Fuel Farms
Helicopter Fueling
Aviation Self-Serve Fueling

Experienced Service Technician- Experience in installation and repair of pumps, valves, nozzles, AST & UST Systems, card readers, tank monitors, and pipe fitting. Welding experience is a plus, but not required. We install and repair aviation refueling systems and refueling trucks.

Competitive compensation
Medical/Dental benefits
Paid vacation

If you are interested please send your resume to:
Tracey Deutsch
Bassco Services
Dallas Texas