Passport Version 12 & Ovations/IOTV/Jade Boards

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Passport Version 12 & Ovations/IOTV/Jade Boards

Post by bonneaus » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:07 am

2 sites, both running Passports v11.01 (with current patches) and Ovations (not 2's) with Jade boards/IOTV, P66/Kickback.

Our PX60's are 3 years old with original v11.01 install/image, but we have been patching it. We are starting to see more stability issues (day closes hanging, needing reboots, etc.). We are going to be installing Encores within next year, but we are still making a decision on either staying with 76, migrating to another brand or going unbranded. My question is should we consider upgrading to v12 on 76/P66 to refresh our systems? I know we would also upgrade our iX firmware as well (hasn't been upgraded in 12-24 months).

We just upgraded our c-store/deli location Passports with Concord 11.04 to 12.02 and tech was surprised how quick it installed (was his first v12 install). He said it was much better than the 11.xx to 11.04 upgrades he had been doing recently. He and I discussed having him do our P66 sites next, but we both have concerns about IOTV. We had a hell of a time when we migrated from Nucleus to 11.01 almost 3 years ago after being told how stable v10 was. In the end, most the issues were with IOTV.

Appreciate the do the techs I work with!

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