ICC Test Exam Help - U1 / U2 / U3

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ICC Test Exam Help - U1 / U2 / U3

Post by minni1986 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:24 pm

Hey guys,

Not sure if this might be the right forum to ask this in:

I was studying for the tests:

U1 - Retrofit
U2 - Decommissioning
U3 - Underground piping/Tank Tightness

I have all the books required for each test, PEI100 / PEI300 / All API / All EPA / All NFPA / and everything else listed on the bulletin.

I was wondering if someone can give me some pointers on what to focus mostly on. I hear the test has changed this year also. I can't find any study guides or practice tests that would help me know where I am standing. I also see that a lot of these books are really outdated, published back in the 1980s and 1990s. So I am wondering how useful is some of the old information, maybe the new test doesn't focus much on it.

I would very much appreciate it if any one can give me any pointers or any information that can help me with the exams. Any thing will help. I hear there are some classes, which I would consider after my first try on the tests if not doing well; I am trying to save some money.


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