Petroleum Experience ?

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Petroleum Experience ?

Post by technoman » Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:48 pm

Started in 1993 of course tanks first then service making 6.50 an hour after 3 ruptured disc, 30% of hearing spots on the bladder caused by MTBE, and Benzine poisoning. Can still do 8 - 10 calls a day. and run circles around my competitors. Look at a new tech who is trying to fix a slow pumping by checking the ruby like WTF. Have no use for computer only people. If you can't replace a packer o-ring and run inside and upgrade a POS at the same time get a job at Walmart.
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Petroleum Experience ?

Post by fatboy » Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:42 am

quote:Originally posted by technoman

If you can't replace a packer o-ring and run inside and upgrade a POS at the same time get a job at Walmart.

.....That's what I call a "Man's Man" ! ......... :D ....only thing you forgot was knockin' down 1/2 a 5th of Jack on the way home ![;)]
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Re: Petroleum Experience ?

Post by RickWashburn » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:52 am

I started out for 6 dollars an hour and 11 years later bought the company for 100k. I am still in business , the company was founded in 1945. D & W Pump Company. West Texas

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Re: Petroleum Experience ?

Post by roybarnett » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:57 pm

I was always fascinated with operating heavy equipment. As i watched various construction sites become "something", I got a job as a laborer with a large road, bridge, excavation/grading firm. It didn't take long for me to climb the ladder once they found out i knew how to perform simple and complex math. It was all basic to me but apparently its like they say "If you don't use it, you lose it" and alot of the guys on the crew could not figure elevations, angles, or simple trigonometry. I found myself more interested in the site design aspect. Drainage planning and construction surveying. I never could get out of the trenches though. I finally made it to the glorious operator position. Which I found out wasn't all its cut out to be. Spent many long days in an excavator loading trucks and digging for storm pipe, or on a dozer cutting slopes and grading fill material. I decided to go back to school. 2 years in junior college majoring in Tool and Die Technology hoping to land a job at the Toyota plant in my home town. What a waste of my time. I got to thinking... Do I want to be inside a machine shop all day taking measurements with .003" tolerances? Doubt it. Now to the petroleum story... I saw an ad in the paper looking for laborers, equipment operators, and people with general mechanical skills. Stopped by the office and boom got the job on spot! Little did I know that I had taken the fast track to career and personal success! It didn't take long for me to learn the basics. I really had a knack for the fuel facility construction field. I left that company after a few years due to a lack of appreciation and more money, of course. I had the opportunity to gain a diverse curriculum of fuel related knowledge. DEF and BIO retro installs, UST removals, compliance testing, soil/water remediation system installs, commercial generator systems, aviation hydrant construction, and mostly retail fuel facility construction. I have built for 95% of the major oil providers of today's market. I love what i do. It has become my life. I am 100% sure I will never make a career change because my passion for fuel systems has given me the opportunity to feel needed and appreciated. But most importantly it makes me happy so see progress on a project that i managed and built. I feel there isn't a challenge or obstacle related to gas station construction that i cannot overcome and conquer. Oh yeah, and it makes the wife happy on payday too! As you can see, I am extremely bored and lonely in this hotel room. If only there were gas stations to be built closer to home. Waiting for the weekend. Rant over. I could literally talk about my fueling life for days. But i'll spare you the misery.
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