Hook signal issues

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Hook signal issues

Post by Rondo » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:04 am

Hello we were recently doing some Sb989 repairs on a pos station in California, as we were taking of the dispenser I noticed the conduits going in and out of the J Box were broke apart, and was held together by chicken wire and a home made bracket they connected to the vac motor bracket. When setting the pump back on the island some of the wires were pinched on the sharp conduit so exposed wires then shorted out on conduit and u know nothing good comes out of that. After fixing the j box and re wiring the dispenser we ran some pump test, the pump we worked on works fine on all three grades, they do not have blenders, but when I went to the other dispensers the 87 and 89 works fine but the 91 does not work on any of the other fueling points. Except when I authorize the pump we worked on, I’m guessing it is a issue with the hook signal on the other pumps, oh yeah they have old gilbarco advantage b04 dispensers, can somebody point me in the right direction for the next step I should take, your help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Hook signal issues

Post by 1onemarty » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:55 am

If you shorted something out during the install of this one dispenser, good chance you blew all the Hydraulic interface boards. Get some Hydraulic Interface boards and start replacing them.
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